Survey of the main bearing structures of the Church of the Nativity

Survey of the main bearing structures of the Church of the Nativity

Yaroslavl Region,  Uglich District,  Pryluky village

Object description

The Church of the Nativity is located in the village Priluki Uglich district, the Yaroslavl Region. The building of the Church of the Nativity has an elongated shape in the plan and consists of five interlocked rooms: the bell turpentine, the Porch, the Winter part, the Summer part, and the Central altar. The summer part and the Central altar of the temple were built in the XVII century. In the period from XVII to XIX century, the Winter part and the Bell Turpentine were added. The current architectural appearance of the building was formed during its reconstruction in the XIX century, during which a new Bell Turpentine and the Porch were added, while the old Bell Turpentine was dismantled.


Description of work

The following works were performed in this project:

  • inspection of building structures;
  • engineering-geological surveys have been carried out at this site;
  • determination of historical relative uneven sediment of the foundation of the building during the entire period of its existence by using the geodetic method, and identification of stressed areas of the building;
  • development of the recommendations for the restoration and strengthening of the building.